Tuesday, December 30, 2008


everyday i go out to get people to support our initiative, they ask me why do you want to do this? my simple answer is, "that is my passion." i believe children everywhere have the right to play in safe places. there is really nothing more important than the safety of your children.

talking about safety, let me chip in this. i work as a doctor in a primary care setting. Currently there is a cholera outbreak in Accra. please watch what you eat and more importantly what your children eat and drink. keep it simple- "boil it,peel it, cook it or forget it" and that includes the water in the sachets.

now back to the playground. we haven't been able to raise much but with our widows might, we will open the first playground for residents of korle bu soon. today we mowed the grass and as i look how beautiful it looks i know that all the effort is worth with .

Monday, December 22, 2008

the playground

"this our kiti boge house, when will we move from here". her simple honest question made me suddenly realise how small the flat is and how confining it must be for her and all the other kids on the block.
there were no parks in the neighbourhood. no playgrounds and no recreational centers. however between the flats lay a fairly large parcel of land. depending on the time of year, it was either a cassava farm , or a plantain farm or just overgrown with weeds. i think at one point it was even a moringa farm.
at this particular time, the parcel of land had been left fallow and was overgrown with weeds. That was when i decided to canvas for the support of the other flatmates and turn that parcel of land into a playground .
the grass has been planted and is looking nice and green.(pictures to follow soon). the children are dying to go on to the field and play. there's just one thing holding them back. there's no fence in place .
this Christmas donate in kind or in cash to make this project complete. kindly make bankers draft payable to parents playground initiative. nothing is more important than the safety of children.