Tuesday, January 20, 2009

recreation and upbringing

a very big challenge for any working parent is making time to play with our kids
An important aspect of building a family, is spending time together. it is when we play with our children, that we bond with them. it is important to connect with them as kids so that they can reach out to us as teenagers. connecting with your children is one sure way of ensuring that they keep you in the loop.
playing together, sitting down together, taking walks together, eating the family dinner etc.
having a playground in your neighbourhood makes this so much easier . you can spend a few minutes as often as possible with the children without having to dress up and get out,without having to pay for petrol or buy unhealthy treats. just plain quality time right in your backyard.
that is what this drive is all about. parentsplaygroundinitiative has a vision to plant ten playgrounds within ten neighbourhoods by 2010
the benefits it will bring , not only to the children but it's healing effects on broken homes, the chance of rekindling family time, an opportunity for time out , makes it all the worth while.
nothing is going stop me not even this dry season when i can't get water for the grass.

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